Revizto VR

With Resolve you can easily add VR to your Revizto workflows. Our issue tracking integrations enable you to import any issues found in VR back into Revizto for a full integrated VR review workflow. And it all works on wireless VR devices like Quest 2 or Quest Pro without the need for a PC!

Supports large files and viewpoints in VR

Resolveā€™s Wellington Engine can open large BIM files in VR without requiring you to spend hours cleaning up your file. Everything automatically syncs from Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM 360 docs, or Procore.

Easily sync your VR annotations to Revizto

Once your model is in VR with Resolve you can take full advantage of our collaboration tools to expand the capabilities of your BIM reviews. Anything you find in VR can be imported back into Revizto using our BCF export functionality.

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