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Resolve has guided the deployment of thousands of VR headsets and helped companies implement virtual reality reviews on over $30 Billion in construction projects. Our implementation team is ready to empower your team to maximize the impact of VR on your projects.

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Get support like your project is unique.  Because it is.

Resolve provides a dedicated implementation manager for project and enterprise engagements. They will work to understand your goals before developing and executing a plan for your project. Training, workflow consultation, and technical support are included in our work.

We like results,

not hype.

Resolve’s implementation services will demystify the hype around VR and get your team finding the right issues, from the right reviewers, at the right time. We will help you get results and keep the project running smoothly.

Increase adoption

Receive hands-on training to ensure everyone takes advantage of Resolve’s unlimited enterprise licenses. Resolve's implementation playbook can increase engagement with BIM by 5x.

Maximize ROI

Teams that work with Resolve achieve a higher ROI faster than teams that don't. One team reported $80,000 in savings in their first 30 minute VR review that was organized with help of Resolve.

Drive consistency

Resolve will help adapt VR reviews to your existing workflows and processes so you can embrace VR with minimal disruption. Our team will craft a workflow that doesn't add more work for your team.

What you can expect

Assigned Implementation Manager

Work with an experienced Resolve expert who has successfully implemented the tool on other similar projects.

Workflow Consulting Meeting

A meeting to analyze your currrent coordination workflow and optimise Resolve’s integration by deciding who should use Resolve when and what to review in Resolve.

Admin Training Meeting

Empower your team to link models, manage integrations, set reviews, and process annotations.

VR User Training Meeting

Ensure a seamless VR experience with hands-on training for end-users on the desktop and VR apps. We will go beyond the basics into topics like our dollhouse room, comfort settings, and AR.

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