Integrations and Workflows

Virtual Reality Without 
the Pain

Resolve’s native integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud and Procore automatically keep models up to date in VR without having to export or upload with each design change. Resolve detects and processes new model versions behind the scenes so VR reviews are always up to date.

Procore & Autodesk Construction Cloud / BIM 360

Gone are the days where you have to prep, export and upload models to “do VR.” Now with our Procore and ACC integrations, models are automatically processed and remain up to date in VR whenever you upload new versions to your Procore or ACC.

Procore & Autodesk Construction Cloud

Leave a VR headset on your desktop and whenever you need to check something just pick it up and put it on, your model will be ready.

Sync annotations to 3rd party issue trackers

Issues flagged in Resolve can be synced with BIM 360 issues. Sync issue status, tags, authors, and even a screenshot of what the issue looks like in Resolve.

Sync annotations to 3rd party issue trackers

Export issues to BCF or XML for import into tools like Navisworks, Newforma Konekt (formerly BIM Track), and Revizto.

Annotation reports can also be exported in PDF and CSV formats for fast sharing without having to go into VR.

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