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How Fortis Construction saved $3 million in 3 months with VR BIM reviews

Fortis Construction used virtual reality to review BIM more efficiently and prevent $3 million in rework on a large data center project in Singapore. Learn how VR can help your construction process today.

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Resolve Partners with Anglian Water @one Alliance to Improve Operations Access to 3D Assets with Virtual Reality

Resolve's support for complex models on standalone VR devices enables teams to interact with building information models (BIM) more independently even while working remotely.

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New research shows 93% of building operability issues identified in VR aren’t caught with traditional construction coordination methods

In the fast-paced world of construction, immersive technologies are quickly turning from nice-to-haves into scientifically proven necessities.

New research shows 93% of building operability issues identified in VR aren’t caught with traditional construction coordination methods


Luke Barendse
MEP Coordination Lead

"Resolve is hands down better than the previous software we’ve used at MMFS. Quick setup, quick load, easy to update projects. We’ve had multiple users from different states all working seamlessly in the same model that would not be possible in other software. Safe to say, we like it a lot."

Jake Lovelace
Senior Innovation & Ops Tech Specialist

"Resolve is the only XR solution we have found that can seamlessly render large production BIM files at a quality that our clients and project teams expect. Their game-changing technology has enabled immersive design review sessions that facilitate better decision making and client engagement."

Matthew Methley
Digital Delivery Advisor

"In 2023 we switched our VR software to Resolve, as we incubated the technology for our digital design review process. Previously we’d split our models into smaller files to enable the reviews in VR. Now, using Resolve, we’re able to load the entire federated models seamlessly, directly from ACC. ”

Gary Cowan
Head of Digital Construction

"After several years of enduring long workflows to get segmented models into VR, I was totally blown away by the Wellington engine running natively on the meta quest 2 hardware. Where previous PCVR engines were only able to load a single floor of our models on a high end PC with RTX 2080 graphics cards, Resolve is able to load our entire models, natively on standalone hardware, with only a small reduction in graphics quality. Loading models directly from BIM 360 is also a great feature as it brings the colours of our systems across natively also."

Gurmanjit Thind
Integrated Construction Technology Coordinator

"Before Resolve I tried and tested multiple different VR programs only to come to conclusion that large scale VR models won't be possible for at least 2-3 years; I was very wrong."

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